As humans, life is unpredictable. You deserve an auto insurance company who can play catcher when life throws a curveball.

As humans, life is unpredictable.You deserve an auto insurance company who can play catcher when life throws a curveball.

Real life comes with consequences, but at Cornerstone we don’t think those consequences should last forever. And regardless of your circumstances you should be treated with respect.

Accidents happen. You didn’t see the speed limit sign and every now and again a bill falls off the counter and doesn’t get paid. That doesn’t make you a less valuable customer, it makes you human, it makes you real.


When your car breaks down or you have a flat tire in the middle of the night and not a single person you know is answering their phone, Cornerstone Roadside Assistance rides to the rescue. We bring you on-demand, unfailing roadside assistance services. We are dedicated to keeping you on the road- safe, secure and smiling. After all, your safety is the #1 priority.

We’ve got your back (and your front) 24/365.

We’ve got your back
(and your front) 24/365.

Call for assistance

When you need roadside assistance, call our toll-free number and we’ll send help right away. We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any time you need roadside assistance or have a question regarding your roadside assistance membership benefits,call our toll free number 877-272-1202 and we’ll be glad to help.

Membership Coverage

Your Cornerstone Roadside Assistance membership is intended to cover emergencies and is not intended to be a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance or repair.

What We Cover
  • Towing of your disabled vehicle (one tow per incident).
  • Service calls: delivery gasoline, lockout service, battery jump-start or flat tire change (one per incident).
  • Maximum of 3 incidents within a 12 month period.
Items Excluded
  • Parts, replacement keys, labor, tire repair, rental or towing equipment, storage fees or any labor performed at a garage or service facility.
  • Trucks over one-ton capacity, motorcycles, taxis, vehicles used for commercial purposes or mobile homes.
  • Any form of impound towing assistance by a private citizen, or someone other than a licensed service station or garage.

You should be rewarded for working with the best.

You made the great decision to have a Roadside Assistance membership, so you deserve a reward. Your membership comes with many benefits.
road_expertExpert Opinion
road_personalPersonalized Routing
road_hotelHotel Savings
road_serviceConcierge Services
road_car_rentalCar Rental Discounts

Don’t be fooled by the money hungry mechanic next door. Simply call a toll free number provided and you’ll receive a second opinion on automotive service or repair estimates. You’ll have the option to talk with an ASE Certified Master Technician to obtain a second opinion regarding the appropriateness of proposed repairs, repair costs or referrals to the nearest qualified repair facility for automobiles or light duty trucks.

So you want to roadtrip across the U.S.? We’ve got you covered. Whether your travel plans include a scenic or direct drive to reach your destination, we can provide you with personalized, easy-to-follow maps, helpful phone numbers, driving information and other useful tips to make your travel efficient and enjoyable. Simply call a toll free number provided and tell us your destination. We can have it delivered in two to three weeks, and an expedited email option is available.

After we route your trip, we’ll get you discounted hotel room rates along the way. There are currently over 7,200 selected hotels throughout the U.S. and Canada participating, and the list is still growing. For reservations and a complete list of participating hotels, simply call 1-888-204-3807.

We are like your personal secretary. National directions, assistance locating hotels, restaurants, closest gas stations, etc. are all just a phone call away with our concierge services. Just call a toll free number provided.

We can practically help plan your trip, so we might as well help you with car rentals. As a member, you can receive discounts on car rental charges. All you have to do it present your current Club Membership Card at participating agencies. These agencies include:

  • Avis
  • National
  • Hertz
  • Budget

Just give them a heads up while making advanced reservations to let them know you’ll be using your discount. It’s also a good idea to ask for special promotional rates, which may occasionally be lower than your member discount.